April 25, 2009

First tornado day of many...

Saturday April 25th, 12:19 pm: I'm seeing tornado potential in eastern KS this afternoon, so much so that I couldn't justify a drive to the popular western OK target where storms could hold off until after dark. There is some cloud cover over my target area right now but instability will not be lacking given the highest dewpoints we've seen this year. There is a subtle and compact bit of energy moving across central KS toward my target area, which I'm hoping will set off a supercell or two this afternoon. The front that had been shown on previous models as a cold front (tornado killer) will likely remain stationary over this area and actually edge north as a warm front after 7pm in response to the deepening surface low west of here. Will be leaving Lawrence shortly and head south until we find some clearing/ insolation. Live stream will be up!

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  1. Chad

    Went to your webpage from the Tornado Alley site, where do I find your live feed icon on your webpage?